Lade RVS CPV315X |

Lade Classici CPV315X

15 cm
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Familie: Lade
Type: Sous-vide
Nishoogte: 15 cm
Vitality system: Ja
a: 8017709260583


Kleur: RVS
Afwerking: Vingervlekvrij
Esthetiek: Classici
Materiaal: RVS
Type roestvrijstaal: Geborsteld

Programma's / functies

Eco: Eco, this economic wash programme uses a low amount of water and energy in order to provide the most environmentally friendly cleaning option. Inverter technology: The evolution of Smeg’s driers towards more intelligent and environmentally sustainable models has led to the choice of using Inverter technology with heat pumps, which reduces significantly energy consumption. Ultra Rapid: The program is specifically for Ultra Fast wash very quickly (16 min.). Pots and pans very dirty, even with dried residues.
Cyclus vacuüm in container: Yes, 3 levels (delicate, medium, strong)
Cyclus vacuüm in zakjes: Yes, 3 levels (delicate, preservation, sous vide)
Chef function: Yes, marinade and infusion
Sealen/sluiten: Yes, 3 levels (delicate, medium, strong, depending on the kind of bag used)


Type bediening: Touch control

Technische specificaties

For high speed centrifuged jeans Extra Rinse: Extra Rinse: adds an extra rinse cycle to that already provided in the program chosen, to remove any residual detergent. This function is particularly suitable for those with allergies or skin problems. Ultraclean: The Ultraclean option performs a final rinse at a high temperature of 70°c eliminating virtually all bacteria. Eco: Eco, this economic wash programme uses a low amount of water and energy in order to provide the most environmentally friendlycleaning option.
Capaciteit: 6,5 l
Openmechanisme: Push-pull
Materiaal onderkant: Stainless steel 304
Materiaal deksel: Gehard glas met frame
Deksel opening: 65° +/- 3°
Apparaat stabilisatie: Ja
Max. uitsteek lade: 453 +/- 2 mm
Max. toegestaan gewicht: 15 kg
Max. vulgewicht lade: 48 kg
Pump flow: 4 m³/h
Veiligheidsmagneetventiel anti olie reflux: Ja
Ontvochtigings pompcyclus: Ja, automatisch
Enabling vacuum bar lenght: 260 mm
Removable enabling vacuum bar: Ja
Welding type: Double-phase
Duur van de conserveringscyclus: 1' - 1'20''
Reachable vacuum: 2-10 millibar (99,9%)
Vacuum sensor: Yes, accuracy 10 mbar
Inbegrepen accessoires: 20x30 V-bags, 25x35 V-Bags

Elektrische aansluiting

Nominal power: 240 W
Spanning (V): 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz): 50-60 Hz

Logistieke informatie

Breedte product: 597 mm
Diepte product: 570 mm
Netto gewicht: 29.000 kg
Bruto gewicht: 32.000 kg
Hoogte product: 135 mm

Technische tekening

Technische specificaties

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