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Inbouw koffiemachine
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Familie: Inbouw koffiemachine
Type: Automatisch
Categorie: 45 cm compact
EAN-code: 8017709269852


Kleur: Zwart
Afwerking: Glanzend
Esthetiek: Linea
Serie: 2
Type roestvrijstaal: Geborsteld

Programma's / functies

Delay Timer: The delay timer can postpone the start of the program by up to 24 hours. Rinsing: There in an automatic rinsing with hot water when the coffee machine is switched on. Three levels adjustable coffee temperature to taste the coffee on the temperature desired. Lights: All cooker hoods feature lights to illuminate the cooking area or add to the ambience of the kitchen. Child lock: some models are fitted with a device to lock the programme/cycle so it cannot be accidentally changed. Overheat protection: The safety system that automatically turns off the hob in case of overheating of the control unit. Power saving mode: The power saving mode allows you to disable the refrigerator and keep the freezer working. Air at 40°C provides the perfect environment forproving yeast type dough mixes.Simply select the function and place dough in thecavity for allotted Automatic switch on: It is possible to program automatic switch on of the machine to make it ready for use by the required time. LED interior lighting: is a more energy efficient and long lasting way of illuminating the interior of the appliance.
Soorten dranken: 13
Infusiefunctie vóór het verwarmen: Ja
Koffiefunctie (één kopje): Ja
Koffiefunctie (twee kopjes): Ja
Automatische cappuccino functie met uitneembaar melkreservoir: Ja
Heet water functie (voor bijv. thee): Ja
Gemalen bonen functie: Ja
Instelbare koffie-intensiteit: 5 niveaus
Instelbare waterhoeveelheid: 5 niveaus
Intensiteit cappuccinoschuim: Ja, 3 niveaus
Automatisch ontkalken: Ja
Automatisch spoelen: Bij in-/ uitschakelen
Automatische inschakeling programmeerbaar: Ja
Instelbare koffietemperatuur: 3 sterktes
Instelbare roestvrijstalen koffiemaler: Ja, 13 niveaus
Geen-water-signaal: Ja
Waterhardheid: Ja
Kinderbeveiliging: Ja
Demo mode: Ja


Steam Option: the steam is perfect for smoothing out creases, refreshing fabrics, neutralizing odors and releasing dirt, destroying allergens more quickly than by washing the item in water.
Display: 4,3'' TFT colour soft touch
Type bediening: Touch control

Technische specificaties

A SMART STEAM oven offers 3 levels of steam and 5 STEAM-ASSISTED cooking functions to choosefrom. The water is loaded into the oven before cooking via an automatic loading tube, and steamis generated externally and introduced directly into the cavity. The oven calculates the exact amountof water required for the desired cooking, up to 160ml, and the steam is automatically introducedinto the oven, pulsing on and off during cooking according to the setting. The double coffee function makes possible to prepare two espresso at the same time with just one infusion cycle. Air cooling system: to ensure a safe surface temperatures. Semiprofessional steamer with a dedicated heating element to manage the steam outlet. Suitable for recipes such as hot chocolate, punch, bombardino, vin brulé.
Grinder: Semiprofessionele roestvrijstalen conische maalschijf
Bonen reservoir: Ja
Uitneembaar waterreservoir: Ja
Gemalen koffiereservoir: Ja
Koffietuit met hoogteverstelling: Yes, 85-142 mm
Afvalcontainer voor gebruikte koffie: Yes (14 single, 7 double)
Lekbak: Ja
Stoom dispenser: Ja
Thermokan: Yes, stainless steel 0,5 L with autoclean system
Verwarmsysteem: Thermoblock + Steamer
Uitneembare melkkan: Ja
Kopjes houder: Ja, verwarmd
Pompdruksysteem: 15 bar
Inhoud waterreservoir: 2.40 l
Koffiebonen reservoir: 350 g
Verlichting: 4
Soort verlichting: Led
Installatie: On telescopic guides with soft closing

Elektrische aansluiting

Aansluitwaarde: 1350 W
Spanning (V): 220-240 V
Frequency (Hz): 50-60 Hz
Lengte voedingskabel: 180 cm

Logistieke informatie

Afmetingen product (mm): 455x595x470
Breedte product (mm): 595 mm
Diepte product (mm): 470 mm
Hoogte product: 455 mm

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Technische specificaties